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Homeschooling Pt. II

Public schools have been starved for 40 years, since the passing of one of the worst pieces of legislation in the history of our country, Prop. 13. And you wonder why foreign kids are so much smarter than ours. They’re better educated! Other countries see investing in children as a win-win for their countries. How can so many of us be so fucking shortsighted?” Bette Midler FB February 7, 2017

Note: Since the last post, Betsy deVoss, a billionaire product of private schooling, has been made Secretary of Education. The abandonment of public schooling is confirmed by this knife in its back.obama-on-ignorance

Homeschooling as a Screen for Conservative Republican Evangelical Activist Groups

As an example, Kieryn DArkwater posted on January 26, 2107, an article in autostraddle.com. In it she explains how “I was trained for the culture wars in home school, awaiting someone like Mike Pence as a Messiah.” This is the agenda Continue reading “Homeschooling Pt. II”