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A Teacher’s Steps to Detachment, Coping and Renewal

Adapted from Emilie Rose

 I surrender…

I admit that of myself I am powerless over my frustration to

teach students who do not want to learn from me. I

surrender my frustration: I let it go.


I believe…

I believe that a higher power resides in each one of us that does the

true teaching/guiding. I believe that this power is available to all now.

I no longer equate my worth with others’ lack of positive response.


I decide…

I make a decision to respond to the guidance of an inner, higher light.

By this decision I surrender my ego involvement and am released

from all tension and pain. I no longer give myself to mistreatment and

use my assertive skills.


I release…

I release all preconceived attitudes towards the students, the

administration, my performance, and my peers. I set no

blocks or limits to what I can accomplish, but open myself

to a willingness to be all that I can be, even if that means leaving

teaching in this setting.


I forgive…

I forgive myself for berating myself when the lesson flops, the

students are uncooperative, the administration unsupportive, the parents hostile or

my peers indifferent. I forgive  myself and all others. I bless the opportunities for

spiritual  and professional growth which surround me. I forgive, I release,

I set free, myself and others.


I ask…

I ask that I might have the peace to follow higher consciousness guidamce for myself and the courage to direct my talents elsewhere if so guided.


I accept…

I am gratefully accepting the peace I have gained in my chosen

profession. I know that my life and the lives of those I touch shall

be made richer through me. When that ceases to be the case, I find

another outlet for my talents, abilities and dedication.


I know…

I will be guided to know when to leave the classroom and use my

multiple talents to better advantage in another setting.