Open Season

Has anyone noticed that on social media and other publications it’s open season on teacher inadequacy?  Under the guise of “education” the subtext is “teacher”. There is even a new group that posts everything under “Lessons Not Taught in School” irrespective of whether there is any truth to that or not. One, it is impossible to get an accurate reading on such a vast topic. One person’s experience cannot be generalized to all. Any generalization about education will come up false. Even those who study and teachers themselves won’t have the full view. But teachers’ views are underreported and not respected.

Sometimes I think our professional organizations have sold us out. We have little if any professional leverage now. So it’s open season. Anyone can slander us and get away with it and it’s popular to do so. Social issues have always been laid at the  classroom door for resolution. It’s impossible to satisfy all of the stakeholders. But the new trend of asserting that anything useful, vital or relevant was omitted from the classroom experience is just irresponsible and untrue.

Your thoughts as a public school educator?


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